Saturday, February 21, 2009

Quote Blast

In the waning days of Britain's rule in India, its last viceroy, Lord Louis Mountbatten, turned to the great Indian Leader Mahatma Gandhi and said in exasperation, "If we leave, there will be chaos." Gandhi replied, "Yes, but it will be our chaos."

-Fareed Zakari in "The Post-American World"

-> SJ

Quote Blast

Americans take justified pride in their own country - we call it patriotism - and yet are genuinely startled when other people are proud and possessive of theirs.

- Fareed Zakaria in "The Post-American World"

-> SJ

Friday, February 20, 2009

Its time folks!!

-> Muthalik's cry against Valentine's Day or his horrific beating of defenseless girls in Mangalore. (disgraceful but i'm sure he was jealous coz he is still a bachelor at that ripe old age)

-> Bombings planned by Hindu Religious Leaders and the emergence of "Indian Mujahideen". (stupid fools can think of only violence and even a sadhvi was a part of this. I'm sure each everyone is corrupt. I won't be surprised if they were working for some islamic terrorist group)

-> The atrocities against Christianity in Mangalore and Orissa. (Shows that our country's intellectual level is growing in reverse!!)

-> Curtailing of pub culture in the Pub City of India. (Again socialistic losers who think they are correct and people should live in only way!! U asses democracy means freeedom of individuals and an individual never lives in the same way as others do!!)

-> Rajasthan CM announcing that he will do away with mall culture. (I think he is working for the terrorists or enemies who wants to stop India from growing economically and industrially!! Stupid fool, wonder how he even got elected)

-> Narendra Modi is still the CM of Gujarat and is walking free even though he did not do anything to stop the Godhra Carnage. (The failure of democracy!)

-> Parties like RSS, VHP, Sri Rama Sene, Shiv Sena et al are rampant and growing and nothing is being done by the Executive or Judiciary powers in this country to deal with the extremist menace. (we can't ban extremist parties but we can certainly restirct their growth and teach people and our children about the horrors of extremism leading the extinction of these parties)

-> Advani announcing openly that he and the BJP will fight this year's election on building a Ram temple in Ayodhya. (I'm shocked beyond imagination!! A national party fighting a national election on the basis of religion and outrightly disregarding democracy. Proves the fact that these old timers have to go)

-> Minister in Karnataka openly in public stating (without making it clear that its his personal opinion) that modern art is destroying Indian culture!! (need i say more??)

This is the face of the emerging India that we are seeing. An India which is desperately trying to revert to the old socialistic norms which thrives on curtailing public rights. The funny thing is that this is the face put on by the old leaders of the country who want to go back to the India in which they grew up. One would think that in their 70-80 years of life they would have learned something!!

Its election time again and once again the leaders will be elected by the people. But who will we elect? Are their any leaders left? Manmohan Singh is a learned man but he is certainly not leadership material, Advani on the other hand is an extremist maniac who can not see past his nose and will run this country into a taliban regime.

But that is not the question, the question is should we let our country be run by half dead morons who are looking for only 5 years of personal profit becoz after that they will die anyway? Should we let the country be ruled by criminals who can't read or write their own names? Every job in this country, even the chaprasi's job has certain requirements then why shouldn't the most important jobs in this country have requirements? Why cant we specify that any member in the government :-

1) should have a minimum IQ of 85
2) should be minimum 25 years of age or maximum 70 years of age
3) should have a bachelor's degree with 1st class.
4) should NOT have any criminal cases against him/her in the court of law or be under investigation of any criminal offense.
5) the PM should have been a member of parliament for atleast 10 years with a 95% attendance record.
6) the PM when elected can not be more than 65 years of age and must have a minimum IQ of 90.

and several such requirements. These oldie nincompoops will turn the country into shambles and destroy democracy. Its is our age out time to live, not some 80 yr old buffoons who can hardly walk and look more and think like they are a 1000 years old.

It is us, the youth, who have to take up the helm, its our time to lead, its our time to shape the world. We've been told throughout our childhood that we are the future leaders of the world, well people guess what!!? the future is here, wake up; see the bright light, smell the fresh air and stop fooling around. Its time to get serious and take over. Its time to revolutionise this country into a modern avatar which will lead the world; not hand it over to a bunch of fossils who refuse to change with the times. Any person, any corporation or any any country can only survive if they change with the times; if they evolve and grow into new ways of thinking discarding the old, its time to do just that. Its time to tell the old baggage to retire and rest, its time for us, the current generation, to take the helm. Its time to change India into a modern country. The last time that happened was when Rajiv Gandhi was the PM. A young and vibrant leader who could see the future. Its time again to change and embrace the future.

Rise oh younguns rise into the light and take this country into a new era. An era marked by peace, tranquility, tolerance, and growth.