Sunday, April 27, 2008

Poker is the new addiction to my family of addictions. A Friday night is not a Friday night unless me and some colleagues sit at someone's place and play poker. Last nite it was at Varun's place. We started playing at around 1 am and the night, oops i meant morning, ended at 4.00 am.

Playing such an engrossing game after such a long time was a really good stress buster. With 9 people at the table, predicting the turn of events was harder than usual which made playing even more fun and interesting. After the end by the time i reached home and slept it about 5 am. With horrible intermittent disturbed sleep by the time i woke up it was 1.30 pm and i could hear my head banging as if there was a circus show going on inside (its a diff matter that there is a circus inside there).

Today for a Saturday was a nice day. Woke up late and went through the day at my own sweet pace. and slept a lot!! Slept like i had never slept before. Slept through the morning and never even witnessed the evening!

Its now 1.30am and i'm not sleepy, have to go meet a friend for breakfast early tomo morning. I have no idea how i'm ever gonna wake up. There is so much to do. I have to study so much in so short a time! Been wasting a lot of time for the past month.. its time to get back on track!! Thanx Shil for speakin to me tonite!!.. :-) ... i feel lost without talking but now i'll get back on track!!


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Its funny how u can think of nothing to write when you feel like writing and emptying your heart out. I was on my way home from office when the urge to write struck me but now when i finally get down to writing i can not think of anything to write.

The dull and monotonous routine of going to office in the morning and then coming back home late evenings is truly rusting my brains. I can't seem to think of a topic to write on. All i end up doing when i come home is watch a movie or sumthn and then sleep. Life doesn't seem to be any more productive than it was in college. Actually i think college was more productive coz i ended up learning whenever we had exams. Sure there was no actual productive work happening then but it seems to be more productive.

There is absolutely no spice in life. Its as boring as it can get. I thot, had hoped, that once i started working and earning my life wud spice up more and be exciting; maybe i wud turn a new leaf and be a more interesting person. But i really dont think that has happened. Maybe i'm more positive than before but life still remains the same. Nothing ever really changes except for the work you do.

Whoever said change is the only consistent thing in life, was an Ass...

At heart i'm a creator: an inventor. I want to build stuff. Whether it be real or virtual is immaterial to me. All i want to do is create stuff and build things from scratch, things that will be useful to everyone and make life better for everyone. Ofcourse, i'm human, i'm selfish, i want to earn money. I will sell my creations and make money but mark you i wont steal from people by charging extraordinary prices. But all that is secondary, rite now all i want is to make sumthn, whether i earn or not doesn't matter. What matters most is creation.

--> SJ