Sunday, August 9, 2009

I wish.. I wish.. I wish..

Its been a nice day today i think. Been extremely busy thoughout the day and was very surprised to be feeling relaxed and happy for no reason whatsoever tonight. Even though i had pending work i was in a good mood today and found myself smiling tonight with nothing on my mind. What could it be that has suddenly affected my mood?? Is it my decision to be carefree and be my crazy self??

I don't know. What i do know is that i miss being my crazy self; that i was in Calcutta.. Sheena my crazy partner where were u tonight, when we could have gone totally crazy!!

Being a Cancerian was my mood affected by the beautiful bright moon to which i was so attracted tonight? Nah, i dont think so.. but i definitely feel light and relaxed tonight. Not totally carefree but atleast its not studies that is bugging me tonight. Now don't ask me what it is that is preventing me from being 100% carefree coz i dont know for sure what it is.. i have a hint but i can not be sure. Whatever it is its not preventing me from being happy and smiling.. I like this night.. I wish i could live forever in this night and stare at the moon from a secluded place. I wish... I wish..

-> SJ