Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another day has now gotten over... i can't stop thinking... my heart beats are so laden with weight and expectation that i can feel my heart beating in my head as well as in my feet. I pray to god, hoping and hoping that i finally get what i want. Its after a long long time that my interest has been aroused. This one chance i absolutely do not want to lose. But alas! i'm feeling nervous and very unsure of myself.

What should i do!? Oh! someone tell me what should i do!?

Why do i find this act and natural ritual so difficult? i shall never understand, but i keep trying, every time i try i give up hope and resign to fate, but even then my mind keeps hoping and i keep trying. Maybe a spark will light somewhere. Maybe...

The start line seems a far distance away from where i stand now, so we can forget about the finish line. I can just watch and hope and wait see if ever this dream turns to reality.

--> SJ

p.s. I wish i could be more explicit... but in order to reach my objective i have to be vague.. even if there is a 0.00001% chance of my achieving my goal.

Friday, May 16, 2008

its funny you know.. how the thing u want the most always escapes your grasp, no matter how much you try, it just always slips away.

i've always tried my best to be good and fair to people and have lovingly close frnds, but surprisingly they always stay short of close friends. its one of the wonders of my life i have yet to solve. Probably, the day i solve it i'll become the all-knowing being.


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Its past 4.30 in the am now. I've just reached home and started my comp. Yes, I agree it is most certainly a very weird time to blog but i think weird days call for weird times and things. The day started out normal with me getting up and going to office. Reached office late as getting up was a problem (no surprises there).

Throughout the day i was feeling restless and disturbed. I can't put a finger on why i wasn't at peace. It was indeed difficult working today as something was irritating my mind all day. I was zoning out completely and couldn't pay attention to work at all. But somehow the day passed and i finished work. Now came the time to party.

The party was organised by my generous and illustrious seniors (veterans). The Manager of my team Mr. Sumit Joshi (a.k.a Sumit), and the other seniors who all got promoted to the Senior Analyst position, namely: Ms. Harika Velaga (a.k.a Harry, no not Harry Potter), Ms. Anajana Pankajakshy (a.k.a Anjy Panjy) and Mr. Jonas David (a.k.a Joey).

It was a promotion party as well as Sumit's house warming party and thus was held at Sumit's place in Kukatpally (God only knows which corner of Hyd, but its a corner for sure). Situated at a corner can be discounted as the place is Malaysian Township and it is one hell of a place!! Its humungous, beautifully made and also beautifully located. The view of the surrounding areas is absolutely breathtaking. The construction is surprisingly good for Hyd and the whole place is very thoughtfully made giving importance to the smallest detail. Anyways, more about the house in a later blog, right now i want to cover the party. Its been a long long time since we have had a decent party and get together. I wish this would, if not party atleast get togethers, happen more often. There are so many people to know better and befriend in the company.

When i reached the venue there were a few people there already and were enjoying themselves. At first i was feeling all out of place and all, floating around casually mixing with everyone waiting for the food to arrive. It came late but once it came my party began. After getting sumthn in my stomach my energy level shot up and i was ready to have fun. And i did have fun. Hanging around with everyone and chatting and tripping on everyone, it was really nice.

At a later time after the tequila shots were downed, Arjun was nice and set, Naseem also was happy and when put together these people can put up an entertainment show which will dwarf any other show in the world. Arjun keeps on instigating Naseem and Naseem keeps on defending herself and in turn instigating Arjun, so it becomes like a vicious circle with no end. From Mausis - Reddys communal abuses to Deccan Chargers and Unloyalties: Everything in a very wide range is covered in the show which has to be exprienced in the moment to appreciate the irony, the love, the hate and the fun which RD group from Shaw go through.

There was a little bit of dancing much later with Joey and Harry's dance taking the prize. Harry looked shocked in the beginning for sum reason but it was really good seeing the couple dance. They look good with each other. A relationship with the right amount of love, hate, compromise and ego in it. The perfect equation. They were very cute dancing yesterday and easily stole the cake. Sumit was dancing in his signature style with one hand in the air and the other holding his drink. This is the 3rd time i've seen him dance in all the parties we've had till now. 1st was at f-bar, 2nd Dublin, 3rd this party.

The dancing tired out everyone and we all chilled in Sumit's room tripping on Reddy and Joey fight about Deccan Chargers and Chennai Superkings. Some of us sitting outside in the verandah and the others in the room on the bed. We all ate a little and relaxed for sometime enjoying each other's company while tripping on each person one at a time.

On the whole it was a v.good party, one of the best in Hyd with everyone sane enough to have a good time and no one throwing up or creating a scene. It was a party with general happiness and everyone enjoying themselves. The perfect mix needed in a party to be hit was present thus making it a hit party. Thank You to the 4 organisers and Naseem, the bar tender (you did a stupendous job), you all threw a great party, probably one of my most memorable parties at Shaw. It was great fun.

Except i'm not sure if we had the party for you guys or the IPL ;-)

--> SJ