Who am i ?

Disrupting lives since 1985, I qualify as a human being of the male race but many would argue that I'm an alien to begin with.

In my own words (On other websites): I’m a perfectionist with a talent for finance, technology & writing.

Quite a wierd combination?? I agree…

So, my past was based out of a city in the east where I was born and brought up in a very protected environment. The fledgling baby goose grew up into an ugly duckling and unfurled his feathers only at the Silicon Valley of India whence he finished his graduation in Business Management.

After spending 1 year in Hyderabad giving other people a chance & shortlisting resumes for offices outside India, 10 months were in Bangalore studying for an animal exam for a masters course.

2009 - 2011 were spent literally in the center of the country enjoying campus life and the freedom of fresh country air. Finance was the focus, after all money is in my blood, and I was recruited by a lava company to be a credit analyst for retail loans… unfortunately all I did in that company was to hop, skip and jump and be a faithful follower. But i’ll be ever grateful to my boss for teaching me some amount of ‘being organised’ & basics of data analysis.

March 2012 is when life changed again. I left the Eastern city for a 2nd time in my life to return to the tech-enabled city I love and join a start up involved with e-commerce consultancy. And thats where you will find me. Learning the ropes of a fledgling industry and trying hard to be a cog in the wheel.

Still want to talk to me? in that case you can contact me from here.