Sunday, April 27, 2008

Poker is the new addiction to my family of addictions. A Friday night is not a Friday night unless me and some colleagues sit at someone's place and play poker. Last nite it was at Varun's place. We started playing at around 1 am and the night, oops i meant morning, ended at 4.00 am.

Playing such an engrossing game after such a long time was a really good stress buster. With 9 people at the table, predicting the turn of events was harder than usual which made playing even more fun and interesting. After the end by the time i reached home and slept it about 5 am. With horrible intermittent disturbed sleep by the time i woke up it was 1.30 pm and i could hear my head banging as if there was a circus show going on inside (its a diff matter that there is a circus inside there).

Today for a Saturday was a nice day. Woke up late and went through the day at my own sweet pace. and slept a lot!! Slept like i had never slept before. Slept through the morning and never even witnessed the evening!

Its now 1.30am and i'm not sleepy, have to go meet a friend for breakfast early tomo morning. I have no idea how i'm ever gonna wake up. There is so much to do. I have to study so much in so short a time! Been wasting a lot of time for the past month.. its time to get back on track!! Thanx Shil for speakin to me tonite!!.. :-) ... i feel lost without talking but now i'll get back on track!!


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