Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another day has now gotten over... i can't stop thinking... my heart beats are so laden with weight and expectation that i can feel my heart beating in my head as well as in my feet. I pray to god, hoping and hoping that i finally get what i want. Its after a long long time that my interest has been aroused. This one chance i absolutely do not want to lose. But alas! i'm feeling nervous and very unsure of myself.

What should i do!? Oh! someone tell me what should i do!?

Why do i find this act and natural ritual so difficult? i shall never understand, but i keep trying, every time i try i give up hope and resign to fate, but even then my mind keeps hoping and i keep trying. Maybe a spark will light somewhere. Maybe...

The start line seems a far distance away from where i stand now, so we can forget about the finish line. I can just watch and hope and wait see if ever this dream turns to reality.

--> SJ

p.s. I wish i could be more explicit... but in order to reach my objective i have to be vague.. even if there is a 0.00001% chance of my achieving my goal.

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