Friday, November 12, 2010

More food for thought ... Inflection point in history

As an update/add-on to the last post and some more thoughts on Obama's recent visit to India and the G-20 summit, I feel the main points to think on at this time are:

- At this stage where the market has changed and powers have changed do we still need to help USA get back to power?? 
- or can we diversify our markets by helping new markets to develop?? 
- Is it really in everyone's interest to help US economy grow or can we now sit back and measure the global portfolio so as to develop new markets and bring about more equality?

After the crisis the human civilization and history has come to an inflection point. The Superpowers who dominated the 20th century are no longer the superpowers. Those countries who were known as the Third World Countries led by the BRICs nations have now joined the world stage and have emerged as fellow leaders and powers. The whole concept of super powers has been eradicated because the number of global powers have now increased and the power is now spreading from a few hands to many.

So at this juncture what the countries have to decide is if we revert back to old times when US led its materialistic, demanding and bullying streak or we diversify our global portfolios to help new markets develop such that in the future we don't have a global recession just because one country fell onto hard times.

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