Thursday, May 8, 2014

Coupons: Indian's Need For Discounts

The offline world moves online and the buyers shift to purchasing items in cyber space. Selling was more about advertising the presence of a shop and the availability of products in the area.

Online shopping is turning out to be a boon for everyone. You can now shop from home / office. No longer must you travel from place to place in serch of a shop and from shop to shop in search of prices. Searching though google gives you a long list of online websites.

Advertising has now also become easier. Banners all over the net on all types of websites spread the awareness and build the brand for the shopping websites. After Flipkart opened doors 7 yrs back, many other companies have now come up. Mostly marketplaces though as that model seems to be working in India at the moment. Indians want a sign of trust from the seller still. If a 3rd party provides a guarantee Indians are ready to buy.

One of the things Indians love is a good deal. Paying a price less than what the market value really is. What used to be local ads and discounts have now gone online by way of coupons and discounts. Coupon sites have now come up which list down the coupons and discounts offered by these online e-commerce companies.

Startups like Coupondunia, 27coupons, CouponNation,  Pennyful and Cashkaro among others dominate the coupon distribution space. Recently we wrote about Cashkaro growth. The Gurgaon-based startup had driven sales of Rs. 25 crores for its partner retailers in the past six months.

According to a study by CupoNation, close to 85% of Indians used vouchers before online shopping. “This explains why the Indian market for online coupons already accounted for more than $2 billion in 2013 and is expected to grow by further 30% by 2017,” adds Sharique. The study reveals that over 70% women use CupoNation vouchers to buy fashion, jewellery and shoes while 67% of men are using travel and electronics coupons.

The below Comscore report shows the growth in unique visitors on websites from 2010 to 2011. The visits have been growing since then.

The number of searches for coupons has been growing every year hitting a max of 82K a month in Dec 2013. The growing trend shows that more and more people are now searching and buying online. Being Indians we cant help but look for great deals. is one such company. Its a marketplace with many many products. Its has apparels for men and women, home decor, kitchen products, footwear, watches, mobiles, computer, beauty products, grocery and even cars and bikes. With such a wide range of products and providing a guarantee of delivery, Tradus is on its way to becoming one of India's topmost e-commerce websites with such a wide range of products. They also have tonnes of discounts running and all of you should search for Tradus coupons and get awesome discounts to buy at an awesome store.

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