Saturday, June 7, 2008

On Tuesday i returned from my short trip to Bangalore. I was perfectly fine and in the 'Pinkest' of healths. It all started the next day.. Wednesday morning i woke up feeling weak and feverish. I couldn't work properly, i couldn't concentrate on anything. I went to the doctor, got a couple of medicines and came home. Thursday came with extreme weaknes... i took leave and spent the whole day at home watching 'That 70s Show' and sleeping. Friday morning i did feel a little better. I went to office and visited the Doctor again. He prescribed some medicines and asked me get a Liver Function Test done. I got the test done and everything came back normal but my body is still not normal. I still do feel a slight fever but not as much as before.. and i have more strength than i had on Friday. But my problem is that it is not back to 'NORMAL'. I wish there some genius doctor around who take a look at you and figure out what the problem is. He would prescibe a couple of medicines and you would become normal again.

I had such resistance in my body. For one year in this god forsaken city i have taken a lot of chances and have prevailed but i do not know what it is that i did or did not do that i fell ill se fast after i came back. Or maybe god is punishing me for doing/not doing somethin.

I just hope i can go back to feeling NORMAL asap.... Sigh


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