Saturday, July 12, 2008

FareWell !!

So now its the close of another chapter in my life. I've now spent one year and one week of my life living in Hyderabad and working for D. E. Shaw & Co. It all started more than a year ago when my friend, who got through the oncampus recruitment drive held by the company, spoke to me about referring me to the company. My interviews were held on June 15th about 10 days after University exams got over. It was held at Le Meridian and i got an offer from the company. 2 weeks later i found myself on a plane with Saxena and Nishanth flying to Hyderabad. i still remember how it felt landing at NTR Airport in Hyderabad and finding my way to the guest house and then meeting all those new people at the guest house (some of the friends i made there have been the closest i have made at Hyderabad/Shaw).

Joining RD was another experience altogether. Shaw boasts about having an informal atmosphere and a very friendly culture, with informal hours and great intra as well as inter team dynamics. After spending one year in RD at Shaw and after enuff exposure with other teams and people i think i can safely say that no other team keeps up with this. We perfectly reflect exactly what Shaw boasts the most about. Like i wrote in my goodbye mail:

"I'm going to cherish the memories i have till the end, and will always remember my 1st job: a job where even my seniors were more like friends, a job which mixed professionalism with fun and friendship into a perfect mixture. RD is a team where the people are more like friends and it this friendship, trust and respect that makes this team function in its very best capacities."

Training sessions in the beginning of my tenure @ Shaw were one of the grearest times i've spent in Hyd. Raking our brains to figure out the answers to questions or for making up reasons to avoid work! The old GPR office was a great place to work and it was quite sad, moving to the new office in Banjara Hills, which is more like a factory compared to GPR building. After spending 10 months, we were still settling down (as a company) in the new office.

I made some really good friends at Shaw, people i'll keep in touch with, people i look up to and wud prefer working with again. Some i came to know very well while others i could get to konw better. The good thing about RD is that we all hang out with eachother and become fast friends. Our weekly, poker games, or meeting up someone's place and chilling! Reddy dont u even think of saying i never came along. I did whenever i could, dude i'm just not that out-going a person! anyways, it was fun all of us hanging out together and spending time. Also, parties at Ramu's place. Our fresher's party opened the floodgates and then lots of parties took place there till his neighbours started complaining!

"Aaaah the Trip" Rushikonda was one of the best times of my life! getting closer to people and going on that trip was great fun. I finally connected with many people there and made even more friends. But that trip i will never forget, coz the sceneries were out of the world, people were friendly and the beach was great fun! Climbing onto the rocky out crops and taking pictures! it was a brilliant trip through which i made a lot of friends. :)

From training to SLF and then Replies to Automation. I'll never forget the work done @ Shaw and people there. Bandy's questions about positions, to advice, help, pointers and scoldings ;) given by Lamy, to tantrums from venugopp, and also tantrums thrown by scripts (which went on till my last day). I'll miss all of this. Our Automation meetings (or rather joking sessions) were always looked forwarded to, where we took critical decisions about the work and all the time we spent with Ellie when she was in town! :(

Tech Training sessions with Yonass (a flower for you Joe), the look on bhabhiji's face after the sessions ;), priceless!! Yes, this is the relationship with the right amount of love, hate, compromise and ego in it. The perfect equation. Yet bhabhiji is afraid for sum reason, that there are too many guys and not gals following Joe nowdays! (Watch out Reddy she'll kill you one day) Joey wats goin on dude!? :P

Well the fun grounds of RD have now been left behind with me returning to Bangalore to follow the dream of doing an MBA. A page turned or a chapter completed is not a page forgotten or a chapter never looked back at. I shall keep rembering and looking back to search for people i recognise so that we can meet up and relive the fun times. We'll look back in nostalgia and remember the days spent together at Shaw.

People of RD, i wish you ALL THE BEST!! in your endeavours and bid you adieu. A crossroad has come and i have to take a different turn. I've had a memorable and wonderful journey with you and let us pray and hope that our paths cross again.

Thank You all for everything you've done, and for everything you've taught me! :) Thanks for bearing up with me.

Take care and stay in touch.


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