Sunday, June 15, 2008

I wish i could be myself. I see other people and i see that they are so free. That they are so happy. Always happy and enjoying themselves. They are always going places, and exploring things and experiencing new things. They always hang out with people and drink and have fun.

I wish i could be free. I wish i could do whatever i want at whatever time i want. Like, right now i wish i could go to office and sit on the terrace with a cold drink in my hand and stare at the lights of the city with 2-3 friends and just chill till the sun rises. But however much i wud like to do that i can't, coz i'm bound with the shackles of what society and other people (incl my family) would think to be alarmingly indisciplined and bad behaviour.

As a result of my upbringing i have fallen into the dirty habit of thinking things multiple times before i actually do them and then disappointing myself further. I somehow always end up keeping myself from being happy.


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