Sunday, July 12, 2009

Back to Blogosphere!

After a long long unscheduled break i return to the blogosphere. Blogging from a new location now: from Nagpur, or rather 35kms outside of Nagpur. I'm now at the Institute of Management Technology at the Nagpur branch pursuing my MBA degree.

Its only been 3 weeks since i came here and it seems like i've been here for ages. Whether its good or bad is yet to be seen but the last 3 weeks have been a very good experience though a hectic one. For the 1st time i'm living in a hostel, an experience i've been yearning for a some time now and its been a great one too. So far i've made many good friends, friends i hope for life. There hasn't been a single day yet when some incident or another hasn't occurred which relocated us on the floor laughing for dear life. My only wish is that i had a decent camera phone to record these moments which wont come again.

Life here is definitely not a bed of roses. We get up early in the morning and are up till early in the morning. The work load is 10 times more than it was while i was working. With assignment submissions everyday and presentations quite often and reading up multiple chapters daily its hard to keep track of time. These 3 weeks passed faster than the speed of light. By the time this weekend came we never even realised that the previous weekend had gotten over. Its an active 24hr life with the campus open and functioning till the wee hours of the morning.

So its a good and active life. But even though things have changed certain things in me which i had hoped will change haven't changed till now. Certain objectives which i have failed at achieving till date, i had hoped would get fulfilled once i came here, but i don't seem to be any closer to fulfilling them than i had 24 yrs ago. Yes, i know, i shouldn't be brooding but these are just some thoughts i had to get out. Some more disappointments added to my already over-flowing list. But this is something i have lived with for many years of my life so it won't be hard to get over the disappointment.

Over all, its a very good institute and should be counted amongst the ranks of the top. The course is demanding and very intense. It promises to become one of the best in India soon. Life on campus is one of a kind. Full of activity and happenings. What is left is to make more friends but I always forget that its only been 3 weeks and i have almost 2 years left to go here.

On that note i take leave until i come again which can be tomorrow or the next week or the next month. So keep an eye out becoz its certain that i'd be back! :)


-> SJ

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