Monday, September 1, 2008


99.999% of the human population think that life is all about money. Money, Money and more Money is their mantra. What they don't realise is that life is actually about experience. Its about experiencing things and feelings. You should do everything and go everywhere, this way u can experience the maximum things possible. and Experience is the only thing that the brain remembers for all time. Its leaves a foot print imprinted in you for ever.

Experience is what matters. Experience is what we live for. Go out and experience life not money.

Experience Is The Product
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  1. i contest that .. u see money can expose you to more experiences and its pursuit can lead you to even more experiences and realisations ..
    for all you know bill gates one day realises " Its no point earning more" :P

  2. lol.. You miss understood the meaning.. I never said you should not earn money.. meaning was thet dont think of money as the start-all and end-all of everything. Experiences all the feelings and experiences is more important that making the collection of money as the main and only goal in life.



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