Monday, September 1, 2008

Prisoner of Life!

Life is a Prison and I am the prisoner.

Everything has become very suffocating. The spontaneity in life and the freedom to do what you feel like just does not exist. I live not according to my standards, but i live according to standards other people set for me. I do what other people will like me to do. I expect from life what other people want in me.

All around me i see people having fun. All around me i see people who do what THEY want. They are the ones who ARE LIVING life, not I. I am here just to fulfill the responsibilities. I feel as if i HAVE to live life without a choice, when i should be feeling that I WANT to live life. I dont know why but i'm feeling claustrophobic, and the walls are now rushing in from all 4 sides!

Nobody else has any expectations other than their own to live upto. Here I have the whole world that is looking at me; microscopically analysing and judging, me and what i do. Its getting really difficult to take this any longer. I think one day i'll just explode into oblivion.

Sigh!! Peacefull Oblivion, where art thou!? 'Tis a long time since you have been due!


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