Friday, March 20, 2009

Emosanal Attyachaar .... Attyachaar or Gift??

I was quite shocked when i went crazy about this song yesterday. I'm a person who normally dont like hindi movies and loathes bollywood but this song really caught my attention for some reason. After listening to it a few times i realised that this is probably the most innovative song to come out of Bollywood for a long long time.

Yes, you read correctly!! No i dont have sad taste.. trust me! I am very picky and choosy when it comes to songs and movies whether it be Bollywood or Hollywood. It might come across as crappy and "dehaati" but this song kicks-ass!! It is so innovative. None of the normal BS that bollywood songs have and plus it is so very different from the songs coming from bollywood. There is a certain flow in the lyrics, the tune is catchy and the voice suites this type of song perfectly!

It is so innovative... so very different... so very colorful! Tell me how many other such songs have come out of bollywood??? i'm sure u can count the number on 1 hand. Now, Now, dont start counting from the beginning of Bollywood, i'm talking about the recent times. Bollywood has gone thru a makeover in the past 20 years & this song is a tribute to its innovative capabilities!

I salute the creators of this song! Congratulations on a job excellently done.

-> SJ

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