Friday, August 1, 2008

CAT CAT and more CAT :(

Its been a long time since i actually wrote something. I've thot of a lot of topics like the action packed scene in the Indian Parliament and another on CAT and its syllabus and how its useless like the rest of the syllabuses in India. I've had the topics in mind but have not been able to write anything yet. Sometime in the future, I hope to write at length on these topics.

As of right now i'm still getting into the flow of studying for the CAT and GMAT. It all seemed terribly easy to me but its only now that i realize that though easy its the time and speed combined with accuracy that matters more. Even if i know how to solve all the questions it is the speed which makes the difference. If i'm not able to finish the paper i will not score marks and thus fail yet again.

CAT verbal is easy and simple and has a very low level of english. Verbal has never been the strong point in CAT exams. The english section has always been very easy. DI is also manageable and not that difficult. What worries me more than than anything is the Quant or math section. This has been specially designed for engineers and people from the technical field as it is they who use Math more comprehensively and more often than us "lowly" commerce pass outs. Thus giving them an enormous advantage. Advantage or no advantage, learning concepts and formulae for topics which we know we'll never use after and MBA is most definitely the biggest waste of time, but then there is nothin that can be done about this as Indians are dumbos who will never understand that One man/woman does not need to and can not learn all the knowledge in world.

CAT tests have this horrible habit of testing all that is taught over a period of 21 years and the test conductors expect us to learn all that in 6 months! Seems to be a ridiculous demand. One that approximately 2.5 Lakh Indians comply with every year (including me) and have never raised a voice to question the authenticity of these demands.

Well anyways... there is nothing that can be done right now. We can not declare a war on a system which we believe in. To change the system you have to be a part of the system. I hope to replace all those stupid and brain dead policy makers sitting in the IIM and make this exam into more of an aptitude test (which it is supposed to be) rather than a test of all cumulative 21 years of study.

--> SJ

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