Thursday, August 7, 2008

Its quite surprising how a dearth of ppl around you can effect your mind. While at Shaw i always had people to talk to and spend time with. I was never short of friends. whenever i needed to talk, someone or the other was there and all i had to do was go upto them and start speaking and my need of human interaction wud get fulfilled. But now that i'm back in Bangalore its quite surprising how after a time of being alone the need to speak to people comes up pretty strongly. I have some good friends from college in this city or rather i shud make it had coz one year of being busy and not being able to keep in touch has probably made them think "What an arogant ass this guy is"

I really don't blame them and i really don't blame myself also :). Its just coz of being so far away and being so busy that i wasn't able to stay in touch and its not like i'm the only one completely at fault, so its a situation where noone can do anything. We can just forget it and move on. I can, i just hope my other friends can too.

--> SJ

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