Friday, August 15, 2008

Independance Day!

On any day of the year if you walk down the streets of any Indian city you will see people rushing about their businesses, kids running around enjoying their carelessness so on and so forth. There would be the sounds of men shouting on the street, cars honking, sounds of machines running etc. But what you would never hear on a day like that is music, specially patriotic music or the national anthem, being played loudly in the open for all to hear and the Tricolour being brandished from every possible nook and corner of the city around you.

Its quite surprising how Indians wake up to celebrate their Independance Day and showing off their patriotic fervour only on 15th August. Every home, car and person would be brandishing the Tricolour on this day. You'll see kids running around waving the flag high and people paying a lot of respect to the flag and even saluting the flag like military cadets. You will notice a very strong love shown by the Indians towards the national flag, but the very next day if you go out for a walk you will notice people rushing about their businesses walking on and stamping on top of the flag devoid of all love and patriotic feeling.

On a normal day if you abuse the country in front of any Indian nothing wud happen, most probably he would agree with you and abuse the country rite back. But dont think of doing this on 15th of August. You'd certainly get hammered by a 100 or so people around you. The patriotic zeal of an Indian is a very strong emotion. But surprisingly it emotes only on one day of the year.

To the Indians, show off is everything. Its the clever people who show the rite kind of feelings at the rite time and manipulate dump citizens who do not understand enough to look into the depth of the situation. For e.g. a criminal who wants to go into politics would show the rite patriotic zeal on 15th August and with a few cleverly drafted words would convince the people that he is a true patriot and should be allowed to rule the country. The Indians like always, will be dumb, they will ignore all the newspaper articles and accusations against the clever criminal and vote for him and thus he becomes a part of the government and works for his selfish gains rather than the citizens. And thus we solve the question of how criminals get into politics.

Hail India! Hail the Indians! Happy Independance Day!

Satyameva Jayate


p.s. Lets just hope that Indians wake up to realise their hypocrisy and come to realise that its the individual citizen's credulity and integrity is what matters and makes a nation prosper and respected.

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