Saturday, March 29, 2008

Adieu dear friend!!

A farewell to a Colleague/Friend

I first met Niru in mid-june 2007 when i appeared for the interviews for shaw We got talking and spoke about movies. Both of us had just finished our graduation and were appearing for interviews.

After then, i came to Hyderabad and learnt that she was gonna join us in August. Soon she joined. At that time no one realised how life would change for so many people as we incorporated a bubbly, spirited, funny, extremely creative, witty, and not to forget mischievious Niru into our lives.

I know i havent worked very closely with you Niru, but it was an awesome time having you around and enjoying the spam mails from other's comps and spamming from your comp too (if you remember your first exposure to spam)

Our meeting up in Bangalore and surprising you on your birthday and ofcourse our trip to Rushikonda was the icing on the cake!! It was a nice 8 months and was a pleasure getting know you Niru. Cheers to all the good times.

Shaw would just not seem the same with out you, and your bubbly self. Niru we are all gonna miss you terribly and not to forget miss your spam!! ;)

Niru, have a great life ahead, may you prosper in everything that you do!

All the Best Niru. :)

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