Monday, March 10, 2008

Today Evening was a very nostalgic and sad evening as i reminisced about a very important part of my life that i lost touch with in January. I reminisced about what life could have been and what life could become.

I do not know why after more than 2 months, all of a sudden, i feel nostalgic, but i know this much that the nostalgia comes from the bottom of my heart. @ my frns -> I think this clue is enuff for you guys to understand.

Anyways, Why life turned out this way is unknown. How life could become is yet to be seen. It would definitely become something if i could get off my ass and actually start working towards making my life into something, but i've been infected by a chronic and possibly fatal virus called the Lethargic Virus. It attacks a person's body by making him lazy. It makes the person so lazy that he/she spoil bungle up their life enough to commit suicide. Don't be hasty in smiling, i've diagnosed this virus in its early stages and am quite sure that i can be cured. Yes... i know... Damn !!

Anyways, a new week has begun, meaning new goals to reach and look for new things ro do. Hopefully i shall be busy enuff to not think about distractions like today and concentrate on work and other more important issues.

I'll let u know how this week turns in a later issue..

Have a good week ahead...


I hope the turning point of my life is this week. Coz then i wudnt have anything to worry about.

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