Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Trip Called Rushikonda

The music played and the beats touched everyone. She looked at her lover and threatened 'if you refuse.. i will conquer you, consume u and make u a part of me'.

The music played as the waves crashed ashore. Each wave carrying a different beat. The natural orchestra masterly plays with the notes, denoting a superbly composed tune as the sea calls to her lover, the land, threatening to conquer/consume it if it refuses to give in.

In the dead of nite, standing at the beach, at the edge of the water, seeng the forthy waves break as they hit the shore, you get a sense of peace and belonging as the atmosphere and ambiance acts like a thinking cap generating a sense of thoughtfulness. There is absolutely no activity around you or rather no VISIBLE activity around you except for the sea. It truly feels like the sea is clammering to get onto the land and consume every small inch as you Watch the waves frothing with madness rush onto the beach and then see the water retreat or flow back into the sea at a pace faster than they rushed onto the land. The sea seems to be alive, it desperate to get ashore but as it climbs up on the beach it suddenly realises that it needs the sea to stay alive.

The dark black sky blends into the black sea making it endless. You feel so small and intimidated by the scene. As you stand all alone surrounded by this enormous black entity. My 2nd trip to the beach was really memorable. With excellent company this trip is one of the unforgetable experiences till now. We set out from Hyd on Fri nite. Celebrating a brithday on the bus we reached Vizag around 9 am.

Vizag started to prove scenic from the beginning. with eastern ghats and the sea in the background, i fell in love with the place at once. We stayed at the AP Tourism resort. It has been built on the side of a hill overlooking the sea. Climbing down a few flights of staircase leads rite to the beach which has a number of attractions like 'kayaking', 'sailing', boat rides and ofcourse the water, which is surprisingly clean. We could see the bottom of the sea, so clear the water is.

It was a much needed break from the daily rigmarole and it also rekindled my love for travelling and photography. All in all it was a superb trip to an exotic place with mind blowing scenary. From one end of the resort to the other, our eyes feasted on picturesque views of either the hills or the beach and the sea.

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