Thursday, March 13, 2008

1st as promised an update on the week: Its going smooth so far. Still got 2 more days to go, so keep your fingers crossed.

Its been 2 days now since i've felt like writing something. I really want to write another interesting post. I have the idea in my head but i'm finding next to impossible to convert it into words. No 1 idea stays still long enuff for me to build something on. I guess there is still a lot of incomplete mysteries in my head. Lots of stuff i could eventually write about but i think i gotta sort through them yet.

I dont understand why i'm finding it difficult to express myself, its always come naturally to me. Must be coz of lack of practice.

Anyways, its like 3.35 AM now. i guess i better sleep, gotta reach office early tomo.

So its adieu for now..

gnite... sweet dreams..

--> SJ

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